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Senior school

The Senior Schooling department at Cavendish Road State High School encompasses the opportunities and pathways available to students throughout their senior years. The senior years involve students in Years 10-12 and oversee such things as:

  • Senior Curriculum

  • Senior subject selection

  • Vocational Education and Training (VET)

  • Queensland core skills test (QCST)

  • Senior Certificate

  • Work Experience

  • School based apprenticeships/traineeships

  • Student Education and Training Plans (SETP)


The QCE is Queensland’s senior school qualification, which is awarded to eligible students usually at the end of Year 12. Every young Queenslander must be registered with the QCAA during the year before the young person's compulsory participation phase begins. Generally, schools will register young people in Year 10.

Learning options and requirement

The QCE offers flexibility in what is learnt, as well as where and when learning occurs. Students have a wide range of learning options; these can include senior school subjects, vocational education and training, workplace and community learning, as well as university subject’s undertaken while at school. To be awarded a QCE, students must have at least 20 credits in the required pattern, and fulfil literacy and numeracy requirements.

Common Curriculum Elements (PDF, 325KB)

QCE Information (PDF, 460KB)

QCE Handbook (PDF, 944KB)

QCE Planning (PDF, 377KB)

QCE Senior Education Profile (PDF, 602KB)

QCE Planning Pathways (PDF, 496KB)

Planning for a QCE - set plan

A senior education and training plan (SETP) plan helps students structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions. As part of the planning process, students think about their future, consider their abilities and investigate their options for careers and further education. The plan is finalised by the end of Year 10. The set plan is reviewed periodically to monitor the student's progress. It can be updated at any time.

Year 10 Preparing for the Senior Phase of Learning (PDF, 411KB)

Monitoring progress - learning accounts

When a student is registered, the QCAA opens a learning account for them. The learning account records details of learning and results of any completed studies. Students are able to access their learning account through the student connect website.

QCE Student Learning Account (PDF, 828KB)

Awarding a QCE

Most students are awarded a QCE at the end of Year 12. Students who do not meet the QCE requirements at the end of Year 12 can continue to work towards their certificate - their learning account remains open, regardless of their age (however, credits expire after 9 years).

The QCAA will award a QCE in the following July or December, once a person becomes eligible. All students who finish Year 12 receive a transcript of their learning account in the form of a senior statement, which is issued in December.

After finishing Year 12 students who become eligible for the award of a QCE will receive a statement of results. A statement of results is a cumulative transcript of their learning account. These will be issued every July and December.

QCE Certificate and Statements (PDF, 416KB)

QCIA Information (PDF, 315KB)

Tertiary entrance and the QCE

The requirements for a QCE are different to those for tertiary entrance.

OP Basics (PDF, 797KB)

OP Fast Facts (PDF, 353KB)

QCS Test Guide for Parents and Carers (PDF, 534KB)

New Queensland Certifice of Education (QCE) System

Queensland is introducing a new QCE system starting with Year 11 students in 2019. The changes will give students the skills they need for success in work and life in the future.
Key features include:
  • new and redeveloped QCAA senior syllabuses
  • external assessment in most senior subjects
  • new quality assurance processes to strengthen the quality and comparability of school-based assessment
  • changes to QCE eligibility requirements
  • the introduction of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
​Information, relevant updates and key dates about the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system for parents.
Information for parents and students on the application process for Tertiary entrance and an explanation of the new ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) system.
New Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system
New ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) system.
Learning account login for Year 11 & 12 students
  • Assessment

    Block exam policy and timetables for Year 11 and 12 students

  • Pastoral Care

    Details of our Pastoral Care (PSC) programs in the Senior School