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1 to 1 Laptop Program

From 2018 Cavendish Road State High School will gradually roll out BYOD for students in Years 10-12.  Students in years 7 – 9 will continue with the school owned 1-1 Laptop Program as part of the Student Resource Scheme. 
  • 2018 – all year 10 students and optional for year 12 students
  • 2019 – all year 10 and 11 students
  • 2020 – all year 10, 11 and 12 students
 The 1 to 1 Student Laptop Program is an important element in individualising learning. 1 to 1 laptops provide students with a personal, portable computer to enhance the opportunities for learning. The devices help the school to engage the generation of ‘digital kids’ by nurturing individual (1 to 1) learning experiences.
1 to 1 programs have been found to extend formal learning communities to include parents, siblings and other people important in students’ lives. Students can extend their learning beyond the classroom by harnessing a digital world full of online and digital opportunities. Teachers are able to provide access to resources outside class time and incorporate engaging digital activities for their students. Laptops are being used in ways that deepen the understanding of concepts and advance knowledge of how to use digitally rich ICT environments. Students also gain technical skills and competencies so important for the jobs of tomorrow.
The Journal of Technology, Learning, and Assessment has published research indicating that participation in 1-to-1 programs was associated with:

•increased student and teacher technology use  

•increased student engagement and interest level

•modest increases in student achievement.  

IT support links


Elearn - Blackboard Online Classroom 

Elearn can be accessed from home by visiting Students can also install the BlackBoard Mobile app and use the search term "DETE" to find the Department of Education Queensland Learning Place code once the app has been installed. Students use their normal school login username and password to access the site.



Email can be accessed from any internet enabled device -  

Video Tutorials and Support (All Queenslanders) 

The State Library of Queensland (SLQ) offers free access to for all QLD residents. training videos cover nearly all of the major software used at school.  To access this excellent resource please:  

  1. Join SLQ by clicking Here
  2. Once you have joined up with SLQ, and have a username and password, click Here

Microsoft Office 

FREE Microsoft Office: Microsoft office is available for free for students in State Schools.

Third Party Website Consent


The use of web based educational resources has risen steadily over the last decade and are increasingly being used by teachers across Queensland to improve student learning outcomes.  Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students. Sometimes it is beneficial for students to utilise services provided by third party web-based providers.