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Vocational education

Cavendish Road State High School

RTO Code: 30257

CRICOS: Provider Number 00608A

Cavendish Road State High School is a Registered Training Organisation that offers nationally recognised certificate courses for vocational education. Our school provides students in Years 11 and 12 the opportunity to study a variety of vocational certificate courses, as well as engage in traineeships and apprenticeships.  These courses are offered either by the school or through an external training provider such as local TAFE colleges. 

Courses offered under the scope of Cavendish Road State High School

The Certificate II in Music Industry is a timetabled class directed by one of our highly qualified music teachers. The course is a two year course that prepares students for current industry music skills using state of the art technology and operational methods used in today’s booming industry.
CUA20615 Certificate II in Music Industry – 2 year timetabled course
  • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • BSBWOR203 Work effectively with others
  • CUAIND201 Develop and apply creative arts industry knowledge
  • CUAMLT202 Apply knowledge of music culture to music making
  • CUAMPF203 Develop ensemble skills for playing or singing music
  • CUASOU203 Assist with sound recordings
  • CUASOU202 Perform basic sound editing
  • CUASOU204 Mix sound in a broadcasting environment
  • CUAMPF202 Incorporate music technology into performance
  • CUASOU307 Record and mix a basic music demo

The Certificate II in Visual Arts is a practical-based certificate focused on developing a range of creative skills for creating a folio of work. This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are developing the basic creative and technical skills that underpin visual arts and craft practice.

CUA20715 Certificate II in Visual Arts – 1 year course during afternoon sport
  • BSBWHS201 – Contribute to the Health and Safety of self and others
  • CUACD101 Use basic drawing techniques
  • CUAPPR201 Make simple creative work
  • CUARES202 Source and use information relevant to own arts practice
  • BSBDES201 Follow a design process
  • CUADRA201 Develop drawing skills
  • CUVDRA301 Produce drawings
  • CUAPAI201 Develop painting skills
  • CUAPRI201 Develop printmaking skills 
The Certificate II in Skills For Work and Vocational Pathways is a compulsory certificate course for non-ATAR year 12 students. The course has a duration of 1 year and commences at the inception of our Term 2 PSC classes each Friday during period 1.  This course provides year 12 students with valuable skills for work, including 30 hours of work experience within a chosen field of interest.  
FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills For Work and Vocational Pathways – 1 year course for period 1 on Fridays
  • FSKDIG03 - Use digital technology for routine workplace tasks
  • FSKLRG09 - Use strategies to respond to routine workplace problems
  • FSKLRG11 - Use routine strategies for work-related learning
  • FSKNUM14 - Calculate with whole numbers and familiar fractions, decimals and      percentages for work
  • FSKNUM15 - Estimate, measure and calculate with routine metric measurements for work
  • FSKOCM07 - Interact effectively with others at work
  • FSKRDG10 - Read and respond to routine workplace information
  • FSKDIG01 - Use Digital Technology for Basic Workplace Tasks
  • FSKDIG02 - Use Digital Technology for Simple Workplace Tasks
  • FSKNUM20 - Use Basic Functions of a Calculator
  • FSKLRG11 - Use Routine Strategies for Work Related Learning
  • SIRXCMM101 - Communicate in the Workplace to Support Team and Customer Outcomes
  • BSBCMM101 - Apply basic communication skills
  • BSBWOR202 - Organise and complete daily work activities 


External course providers both on and off campus 

  • RTO Code: 0275
  • CRICOS: 03020E
TAFE Queensland offer a wide range of certificates and courses across a plethora of vocational avenues. Students eligible for TAFE courses will attend one day of school off-campus at their chosen TAFE college.
Binnacle Training
  • RTO Code: 31319
Adapt Education
  • RTO Code: 32452
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