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Jenna Cheung (Hong Kong - Year 12, 2017)


I became part of the Cavendish Road SHS community at the end of Year 10. Throughout my high school years, I have studied in Hong Kong, America and lastly, here at Cav. Although the school environments and cultures are vastly different from each other and as such cannot be compared fairly, I have witnessed how Cav Rd is more than competent in supporting students to achieve “nothing but the best”, which is embodied in the school motto.  As a graduating international student, I am grateful for the support I have been received throughout my two years. Cav Road does not only recognise academic excellence, it also recognises and commends something that is as simple as the efforts you put into your studies - even when it does not result in an outstanding achievements. Most importantly, it ensures that no one is left behind, which is of paramount importance for a diverse range of students with different levels of competence and interests. During my study, I have found that teachers are always patient and often hold tutorial classes in their own time to help those in need. They are also more than happy to take on an extra role of being the students’ mentors. The school ensures that everyone can make the most out of their education by being accommodating to students’ needs: If you find yourself struggling in Math B, you may move to Math A. If you are ineligible for OP subjects, there are non-OP subjects and internships that may interest you. If you wish to pursue a career that requires practicing for a certain period of time, such as the hairdressing, you can continue your studies while participating in an apprenticeship program on a school day every week. All of these pathways are supported with resources and teachers that help alleviate the pressure and make changing easy. The students’ wellbeing and moral support (which is the most important part of schooling) is cared for by the guidance officers, staff and school nurse. All of these positions are sensibly integrated into the learning environments which ultimately makes the student feel more comfortable about expressing their thoughts. I vividly remember that during the most demanding term of Year 12, I was so stressed that I had to leave my class. Shortly after, the teachers and school chaplain came and offered me some hot tea and chocolate, they also gave me some pragmatic and insightful advice on dealing with this stress. As far as I’m concerned, it was not any special treatment but rather a welcoming hand that is offered to everyone who attends this school. As an international student who has studied in several high schools, I am almost certain that not many schools are as welcoming and supportive as the Cav Road students, teachers and the Principal. Therefore, Cavendish Road SHS is more than just an educational environment, it is a place to motivate students to be their best self, and eventually find their own purpose.

Grace Xian (China - Year 11, 2014)

在这学期的伊始,我来到了Cavendish Road State High School 学习。当我第一天到这里的时候,国际学生部的Miss Masselos老师介绍了学校的历史并且拜托了当地的学生带领我们参观学校。他们介绍了不同的教室和其他学校的设备,比如食品店,图书馆,校服店,学生服务站等等。在图书馆,我们不仅可以借书,同时,那里也是一个课间学习的好地方。学校的食品店出售许多种食物,比如比萨饼,汉堡和其他零食。如果忘记带午饭可以去那里买。
在学校上课的第一周,我找不到去教室的路,所以Miss Masselos 老师给了我一张学校的地图,然后带领我去我需要到达的教室。如果我们对课有什么问题,老师也会帮助我们调整好。这里其他的老师也很友善,他们都愿意在我学习有困难时帮助我。外国留学生还会上额外的外语课来提高英语水平。
Cavendish Road Sate High School

At the beginning of this term, I came to Cavendish Road State High School to study. The first day I came here, Miss Masselos introduced the school’s history and she also asked the local students to show us around the school. They introduced us to different classrooms and other school facilities such as the tuckshop, library, uniform shop, student service and so on. We can not only borrow book from the library but also can do some study during break time. The school tuckshop sells many types of food such as pizza, burger and other snacks. If I forget to bring my lunch I can buy some from there.

In the first week I studied here, I couldn’t find my way to the classroom so Miss gave me a school map and led me to the classrooms I needed. If we have any issue with the class, Miss can also help to sort them out. The other teachers here are also friendly; they are all willing to help if I have any difficulty with my study.  The international students also have extra ESL class to improve the English language.

I am in Year 11 this year. The difference between the school here and the school in China is we can choose the subjects we want to study or in which we are interested. So we don’t have to study all the subjects we do in China. Our school provides many kinds of subject, so you can always find one that you like. Cavendish Road State High School also provides laptop computers that assist students from Year 9 to Year 11 with their learning. If you are not year 9 -11, that doesn’t matter, if you need, you can also borrow ipad and laptop from the library.  Our school also has many overseas programs. For example, last month, some exchange students from Kobe Japan came to our school to experience the Australian school life. I am lucky that I am one of the host buddies of the Japanese students and we all have wonderful memories.

Cavendish Road State High School provides a very good study environment and I feel that I am so lucky to study here.

Sherry Zang (China - Year 12, 2014)

至今为止,我已经来到澳大利亚一年了。回忆这一年在Cav Road的高中生活时间,有孤单的眼泪,辛勤的汗水,但是也有满足的笑容。最重要的是,我学到了很多。
Cav Road是一间不容质疑的好学校。这里有不但负责任,还拥有一流教学质量的老师们。 他们会悉心回答我提出的每一个问题,不懂的地方也会不厌其烦的一遍遍教我。我的母语是汉语,所以刚来到这里的时候语言的转换是我面前第一个,也是最大的困难。但是很幸运的是,我遇见了这些帮助我的老师。每次我有语言上理解困难的时候,他们都会耐心给我解释。现在除了一些不懂的专业名词,我能理解课堂上的大部分的内容并且跟上其它的本地同学一起学习了。我知道我真的进步了很多,而这些进步全部归功于我的老师们。
Cav Road的学生对我都很友好。我刚刚进入学校的时候,他们很热情地和我讲话。在我很艰难的适应语言的时候,在我萌发了奥打退堂鼓的主意的时候,他们对我的耐心和关心给了我很大的动力继续学习英语。
我是通过EQI 项目来澳大利亚的,这段时间里我也感受到了这个项目的迷人之处。他们帮我选好了很好的寄宿家庭,他们帮我弄清了所有需要交的费用,他们帮我请了专门辅导英语第二语言学生的老师,我刚来的时候也有很友好的当地人带我熟悉学校,国际生办公室里也总是有老师随时帮助你。在这里的生活很好,我可以专注学习,完全什么都不用担心。
我很开心我选择了Cav Road 我喜欢我现在的生活。我一点都不后悔当初选择来澳大利亚的决定。

It has been one year since I came to Australia from China, and almost one year since I came to Cav Road. Looking back on what I have experienced at Cav Road, I feel so deeply that I have learned a lot.

Cav Road is an unquestioningly a good school. We have many wonderful teachers with high quality teaching skill and responsibility. They helped me with every single question I have ever asked. They are very kind as well. As an ESL student, I always have trouble with understanding and expressing my knowledge in English, the teachers helped me out every time. Now I can understand most of the lesson with only a little complicated terminology of which I am unsure. I have really improved a lot. For all of the improvement, I want to thank my teachers.

Students at Cav Road are wonderful as well. They are nice and friendly. When I first came, they spoke to me and tried to understand my accent. That gave me such incentive to keep focused on improving my English.

As an overseas student I have experienced a lot of help from the EQI program. I am living in a nice homestay, all the resource fees have been taken care for me.  I have my ESL teacher and regular ESL class. I had a friend helping me when I first came. I have found there is always a kind and helpful teacher sitting in the international student office waiting to give me a hand. There is nothing I need to worry.

I feel good at Cav Road; I like my life right now. I like the decision I made to study at Cav Road. I am so happy to stay with those nice people until I graduate, making the transition to university.

Dilan Hiralu (Sri Lanka - Year 12, 2014)


I cannot write all the opportunities this school has given me because they have helped me so much; more than I could ever have imagined back in my beloved home of Sri Lanka. I feel so privileged to be able to gain further education from such a wonderful school that creates a positive environment. This school helps you achieve your goals. Our International Co-ordinator Miss Masselos and Homestay Co-ordinator Mrs Huxley have been the key contributors for my ongoing education in Australia. When I first came to this school, I had no friends. They helped me, and they treated me the same way my parents did. If I had any problems with my education, homestay, or sometimes financial, they always are there to help me.  However, the people of Cav Road have been very supportive and therefore I made lots of friends.  So I think, moving to Australia and studying in this school has been one of the key turning points in my life, to the success of my goals.

Felice An (Taiwan - Graduate - Year 12, 2013)


Student: Felice An 安得瑋      Country of origin: Taiwan (R.O.C) 中華民國 台灣


It has been more than 3 years since my foreign study experience, which took place in the summer of 2010. I am currently studying year 12 at a public school in Brisbane. I was in my mid-teen years when I came to Australia, so I have developed some characteristics during my time here that differs me from my peers back home. Through my time here, I have become more self-reliant and a more dominate thinker. In my opinion, these characters are hard to be built in an environment at home, because of family customs and education curriculum. Everything was easily access to me through the nourishment of my parents at home; on the other hand I have to deal with stigmas on my own in Australian. This has helped me to become more resilient. Different from Taiwanese education, western culture teaches us to become an individual thinker through class discussions and essay writings. This has made me more out-going and independent. Either then that, Australia is famous for its multiculturalism and she has allowed me to interact with people of different races and backgrounds and has helped me to cherish my own culture even more and respect the differences of others.

Laura Jahn (Germany – Study Abroad – Years 11/12 Jul 2010-Jun 2011)


"My time at Cav Rd has been the most wonderful time in my life. It was such a great pleasure to be part of this remarkable community for the past 12 months. I would like to say thank you to all the teachers, who have been incredibly supportive and welcoming. I have never experienced such a feeling of togetherness at school. CavRd and its weekly parades, Year parades and Peer Supports make a huge difference and form such a strong identity. I am so glad I was lucky enough to go to Cav! My Coordinators Ms Masselos and Mrs Woods have always been there for me and were a great support! I would also like to thank all my friends who have helped me to make the most out of this year. Even though it’s time to say good-bye now, I will definitely come back to Australia! This big country is just beautiful. Right now, while I am writing this, I am sitting on a beach at the Whitsundays next to a cute Wallaby looking at the sunset and enjoying my last week in “Down Under”. I love it.. and now, when I think about it, I don’t want to leave. THANKS!"

Marlene Mehlberg (Germany – Study Abroad – Year 10 Term 1, 2010)


"It was a really nice time to be here in Australia. The school is different from the schools in Germany, we don’t wear uniforms there but it was a good thing to wear. The subjects and topics are different. I really enjoyed seeing the differences. Really new subjects for me were General Science and Graphics. It was good to get to know new people and I hope we will stay in contact in future. In the end when I think about all these things here, I must say Cav Rd was really enjoyable as well as the people and the country. I will come back."

Roxanne Camen (Germany – Study Abroad – Year 10 Term 3, 2010)


"I spent 12 weeks in Australia with the best host family (Tammy Prentice in Year 12, provided the host family) you could think of and it really felt like I just arrived. Now I have to go back to Germany and that makes me very sad. Australia showed me a great way of life, a beautiful landscape and heaps of very, very friendly people. I met students from all over the world at Cav Rd. Everybody made me feel welcome from the first day. I really hope that I get the chance to visit Australia again soon! Bis dann, Auf Wiedereshen!"

Pavithra Yapa (Sri Lanka – Graduate – Year 11, started Term 3, 2010)


"I felt no difference!  At first I felt I was a bit lonely and a bit home sick; but truly it was only for a few minutes. Cav Rd was lovely. From my first day I made a lot of friends; most of them so nice that they even helped me a lot to find my way around the school. Among the people I have met so far I don’t find anyone bad, they are sometimes nice, sometimes kind, sometimes funny and always friendly. All the teachers, I can say they are the best ever. It was not difficult to learn from them and they never hesitated to clear my doubts. Thanks to Miss Masselos who helped me and helps a lot. Oh! One more thing – Millie was the first one I met in school and she too helped me a lot with learning my new surroundings. With time I hope that I will be able to make more friends and gain more knowledge."

Patipan Kaewsawang (Thailand – Graduate – Year 10, started Term 3, 2010)


"I have been in Australia for a little over a year but only at Cav Rd since the start of Term 3. I was improving my English at Whites Hill State College before I could come to Cav Rd. I was quite nervous at first but the teachers and students helped me settle in. I am happy with my life here; people are really kind to me. They are so friendly and try to help me improve my English. They are teaching me a lot of new words and try to understand what I say. Teachers are glad to help me when I need help with my work. They try to speak slowly to make me understand. I was amazed when I went to Peer Support as I had never seen anything like this before, but I am happy to be a part of it. My Peer Support leaders and students are very nice to me. My football (soccer) is going alright and I have so much fun. In football, the students are very funny but work hard. I am glad to be one of the students in this high school. Thank you Miss Masselos, all the teacher and students for your support."

Giacomo Battistella (Italy – Study Abroad – Year 11 – Terms 3 & 4, 2010)


"I want to thank you very much because I really like staying in this new school. Everybody is very nice to me and they are all trying to make it feel like I am at home. I’m enjoying Cav Rd even though it is very different from my school in Italy (a little bit easier). My host family is wonderful, as is the school. They always help me. I’m sure that when I leave I’m going to miss everything about Australia."