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Sport @ Cav

Sport is compulsory for all students at Cavendish Road State High School.  Students from Years 7-12 participate in Recreational sport or Interschool sport.  Interschool and Recreational sport is offered on both Tuesday and Wednesday across all grades.  There are three trimesters of sport at Cavendish Road State High School for the school year.  Two of these trimesters involve both Interschool and Recreational sport, with the third trimester consisting of a combination of recreational (internal and external venues). 

Recreational Sport

Students have the opportunity to trial for interschool sport, but should they be unsuccessful there is a recreation sport option.  Some of these sports are held at school, with others off-campus that incur a weekly cost.  Once interschool sports teams are decided the Select Your Sport Program will be opened for students to choose their sport for the term.  Limited places are available in all sports. 

Interschool Sport

Trials will begin for all Winter Interschool sport in Week 3, Term 2 of 2019, with Round 1 of the South District Interschool sport competition commencing Week 6.  All interschool sports are be TRIAL ONLY.  Successful students will receive a permission letter informing parents of the details and sport selection.  

Buses & Sport Fees

All Interschool and Recreational sports will incur a levy that will be collected by the Finance Department at the beginning of fixtures. Students will pay this fee up front (for the entire season) to cover ALL transport, referees and venue costs - no matter the sport or venue - there is no refund for wet days. Some sports may incur an extra fee.  All buses depart Elgar Street by 1:00pm sharp.  At times some sports may not return to Cavendish Road SHS until after 3:30pm due to travel restrictions. 

Cav Staff Sports Contact

​Interschool Sports Coordinator ​Ms Nikki Bairstow - T Block staffroom
​Junior Recreation Sport Coordinator ​Mr Michael Kalpakidis - E Block staffroom
​Senior Recreation Sport Coordinator ​Mrs Sally Miller - T Block staffroom
​Head of Department - HPE & Sport ​Mr Anthony Caruso - T Block staffroom
Should you have any questions or concerns about Sport @ Cav please contact any of the relevant staff above.