Mission and values



Our vision is to achieve and celebrate success through a commitment to individual excellence.

Our purpose is to provide an outstanding education within a caring community.

​Values and beliefs

Our traditional values have been retained as we embrace innovation, support, encourage ​and challenge students not only to engage in learning but take charge of and self-direct their learning to levels of excellence of personal best and provide a supportive, inclusive and caring school community where this potential is realised. 

Our 5 C's of Courtesy, Cooperation, Commitment, Consideration and Challenge embodies the high expection that students will strive to do their personal best, both individually and as part of the team. The expection incorporates that we value diversity as well as the collective that brings us together as a school community focused without distraction of what it means to be a "Cavroadian".

“Cavroadians” identify with and commit to high standards in uniform and conduct and is embodied in the school motto, ‘Nil sene pulvere, nil sene optima", the literal translation being “Nothing without dust (from effort) is ‘nothing worthy of reward, to have common meaning of “Nothing without effort, nothing but the best”.  The implication is one of valuing effort and the reward or honours that follow are justifiably claimed.

Our school provides:
  • A wide range of co-curricular activities and opportunity for students to participate in academic, cultural and philanthropic ventures, experiences and challenges
  • A comprehensive pastoral care and peer support program that underpins our school culture of care, inclusion and life skills
  • Deans of year who champion wellbeing, pride and belonging for their year cohort to be active in their school community
  • A welfare team of professional and par-professionals including a school nurse, a school chaplain, Youth Support Co-ordiantor and four Guidance Officers in an extensive framework for the provision of support and care for all students. 

We do not tolerate bullying.

Our underlying principles and signature professional behaviours include:

  • ​Outstanding education is a balance of academic, cultural, sporting and personal development endeavour
  • Every student's commitment to outstanding education involves a strong work ethic, high levels of organisation and a positive attitude in all aspects of school life
  • Staff commitment to outstanding education involves quality curriculum, purposeful pedagogy, personal mastery and timely feedback
  • Achieving excellence involves identifying individual gifts and talents, setting personal goals, accessing all opportunities and not accepting mediocrity
  • We celebrate success, whenever excellence is achieved, in our classrooms, across our school and within the broader community

We acknowledge our heritage and diverse cultural backgrounds and traditions in our celebrations.​
Last reviewed 12 February 2020
Last updated 12 February 2020