Junior secondary


Junior Secondary students 

Phases of learning

Young people are necessarily inquisitive and seek reason and purpose. Each phase of a young person's life is important and unique. While early years education establishes patterns of behaviour as the young brain develops and forms attitudes to learning, the early adolescent years is where students are finding their own identity on their pathway to adulthood.  In the senior years, the skills and attitudes to life and learning formed in previous schooling experiences are 'road tested' and modelled to our younger students. This provides our younger students with a 'compass' and provides context for reason and purpose to schooling. This is why junior secondary is so important.


At Cavendish Road we aim to be an exemplary school. "Cavroadians" have been exemplary since 1952 and in a changing world being a "Cavroadian" and having a connection to an established, quality school is sought after. We invest in each and every student. The introduction of Year 7 to secondary school in 2015 caused a shift in the approach to teaching and learning of students in their early adolescent years. This phase of learning coincides with a time of significant physical, emotional, social and cognitive change in the lives of our students. 

Learning journeys

At Cavendish Road we have evolved our concept of being a "Cavroadian" that starts from day 1 of Year 7, and where Junior secondary is more than the first transition year from primary to high school and where the 6 principles of junior secondary education apply equally to all year levels. 

Responsibility for and ownership of learning is a part of maturing. This does not begin and end in Year 7 but is ongoing throughout every student's learning journey at Cavendish Road. Year 7 students are embraced as "Cavroadians" and each subsequent year as they progress through the compulsory phase of learning to end of Year 10, are instructed, guided and supported and given a range of opportunities to shine as a person, as a team, as a potential leader, and as a learner.

At Cavendish Road we foster in our curriculum, wellbeing and co-curricular programs, strong personal and social skills and ethical and inter-cultural understanding as foundation to our school culture for learning.  In junior secondary years a solid foundation in core academic skills are critical for our students' success into the future. Expectations are high of students engaging in their learning. 

The 6 principles are:

Identity: Junior Secondary students as "Cavroadians" are encouraged and supported to develop their own and group identity, while also developing a sense of belonging and self-confidence, be safe in their own personal behaviours and for and within the whole school, and contribute to the broader community in a responsible, respectful way.

Quality teachers: Teaching and learning in junior secondary is delivered and facilitated​, as it is in all year levels, by skilled educators who know their learners, the needs of the learner as they mature into young adults, and teach for learning impact.

Student wellbeing: We support and facilitate the social and emotional needs of Junior Secondary students with a strong focus on wellbeing, and a commitment to ensuring a safe, supportive, inclusive and disciplined learning environment.

Parent and community involvement: Education is a partnership between the learner, families, teachers and the wider community. We encourage parents to stay connected with their child's learning as they progress through their schooling.

Leadership: Students are provided with leadership opportunities across years 7, 8 and 9. Student learning is facilitated  by dedicated teachers, Deans of Year and the school senior and executive leadership teams.

Local decision-making: The needs of our school community will influence and shape the organisation and education service in our school.​

Last reviewed 06 May 2021
Last updated 06 May 2021