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Attendance Policy

There is a vast body of evidence from decades of research that shows a clear connection between student attendance at school and success in later life. Regardless of the field of endeavour that a young person pursues after school, a pattern of repeated absence is nearly always correlated with difficulties in the workplace and in life more generally. It is therefore critical that a school seeks to bring out the best in young people and takes measures to ensure that students are at school as consistently as possible.  

Our processes for monitoring and reporting on student attendance are an important part of our capacity to do the best that we can for your child. However, in order for these processes to be effective, we require the support and good will of our families.

You can provide practical support for us in the following ways:  

Please notify us as soon as possible if your child is absent from school – phone 3394 0736 or email   

  • Please limit the number of absences to those that are absolutely necessary.      
  • Holidays outside the gazetted school holidays are not considered an acceptable absence.
  • Respond to text message that you may receive concerning your child’s absence as soon as possible.
  • Send a note with your child to the school within two days of their return to school if you have not already contacted the school by phone or email to explain the absence.
  • Ensure that your mobile phone number and email address is kept up to date in the school records. If you have recently changed phone numbers, please contact the school office on 3394 0777 during office hours.  

Exemptions from Compulsory Schooling and Compulsory Participation


Every parent of a child of compulsory school age or a young person in the compulsory participation phase has a legal obligation to ensure their child is enrolled and attending school or participating in an eligible option.

Parents can apply for an exemption from this obligation when their child cannot attend or it would be unreasonable in all the circumstances for their child to attend school or participate in an eligible option for a period of more than 10 consecutive school days.
Situations where an application for an exemption may be made include:
  • Illness
  • Family reasons
  • Cultural or religious reasons 

If your child is exempted from compulsory schooling, you are excused from your obligation in relation to compulsory schooling or compulsory participation.

The school principal is not responsible for providing an educational program to your child, however they may provide advice on other educational options available.
Decisions about exemptions are made by the principal of the school the student attends.


You are encouraged to discuss with the school whether an application for exemption is a suitable option. The school can provide you with an application for exemption form (PDF, 165KB). It is important that supporting documentation and evidence are attached to the application.
When a decision about the exemption has been made, you will be informed in writing whether or not the exemption has been granted and if any conditions have been imposed. If you are not satisfied with the decision made, you can make a submission for the decision to be reviewed.

For further information on student attendance please visit the Department of Education​.

Student Attendance App


In the top right of students' laptop screen, under papercut, students will find the Attendance App. This program shows details about their attendance.

If students click on “When have I been absent”, they will be taken to a page where they can see a graph of their attendance over time. Above the graph they will see a calendar which will show if they have been present, absent, late or partially absent on each day of the year. 

The benefits of the app include:
  • Students attendance % is live and accurate to the current lesson
  • It shows in hours how much time they have missed year to date
  • Students are encouraged to check the calendar and speak to any teacher if they believe their attendance for the class is incorrect
  • Student have a trending graph so they can monitor their attendance
  • Students have access to the notices, not just for today but can access previous days if they have been away
  • A message will appear if the student has a laptop “ready for collection” in D10